It's easy to remember how big God is with a place as beautiful as this to pray in.

It’s easy to remember how big God is with a place as beautiful as this to pray in.

On every level of my life, it feels like there have been a lot of “big” things happening these past several months. Of course, there are the obvious: graduating college, moving to a new city, starting a new program, building a new community, etc. But in spite of all these external things, it feels like the biggest thing that has happened to me has been in realizing one simple fact: He. Is. Sovereign.

This past Sunday, on the feast of Christ the King, the priest said in the homily: “At the end of your life, you will stand before the King of the Universe, and He will ask you: Who has been the Lord of your life?” That very question raced through my mind as I left the Church, and solidified inside of me what I’ve been growing to realize. I realized that if He was Lord of my life, it necessitated that I open my eyes to His sovereignty at all times of my life.

He is sovereign on the days when I feel like I have nnooooo idea what the heck I am doing with this new job, yet I leave youth group reminded of the very real way that He is working in the lives of these beautiful highschoolers.

He is sovereign when I celebrate my first friendsgiving with friends here late into the night – people who I can’t believe I have the remarkable privilege of calling friends.

He is sovereign when I get on my knees to pray before mass and the only prayer I can utter is a tearful glance at the crucifix wondering what will be next.

He is sovereign in the relationships, phone calls/text messages, and days out in the country that come jjuusstttttt at the right time.

He is sovereign when amidst the chaos of my life – and of the world – He sends reminders of His presence.

This idea of the reality of God’s sovereignty is not just some novel idea that I have come to know these past few months. It is the promise of the life of faith, and the fulfillment of scripture that says “I will remain with you always, even until the end of the age.” It is the promise of the Gospel of John that says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly”. And most importantly, it is the reality of the incarnation – of God becoming man.

What this truth has required of me, is the same that it requires of all of us . . . The knowledge that in whatever life throws at me: the good, the struggles, the joys, and the sorrows, we must cling to the hope that is Jesus, and the promise that is a life of faith.

Everything I have learned, experienced, and felt (especially!!) these last several months has further convicted me of the necessity of opening my eyes to how sovereign He is, and that at every moment of every day He seeks to share the joy found in a life lived for Him.


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